Barker's Rules
Alec Pangia

Melanie Grier was just like any other sixteen-year-old girl until the day she comes home from school to find her world destroyed by deranged serial killer Justin Barker. That surreal afternoon, her life takes a turn down a path darker than any she'd ever imagined. In the dark and twisted world of Justin Barker, Melanie’s only hope for survival may come from the most unlikely of sources. Should she trust her would be rescuers? Can she trust herself? Or must Melanie pledge her loyalty to the monster who holds her prisoner?

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Supernatural Thriller


Alec Pangia has been imagining and re-enacting stories in his mind ever since he was a little boy. Cartoons or superhero movies, the occasional book and video games were sources of inspiration. In high school he wrote his first manuscript and realized he could one day be an author. With a degree in literature, he's trained for exactly that. Alec's first book, "Barker's Rules" dives deep into the world of a serial killer with preternatural abilities.

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