Broken Pieces 'N Rare Pearls
Nikki Townes

Nikki Townes has recruited and coached Fortune 500 execs for 20+ years. She's proven her ability to spot and train the best. But sometimes even a boss struggles to recover when life lands a gut-check. Her memoir, Broken Pieces 'N Rare Pearls is an honest look at coming back from the brink on your journey to the top.

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Autobiography, Memoir


Nikki Townes has invested 20 years in the executive search industry. In her later role as an HR business strategy partner, she advised C-suite professionals nationally on career-defining decisions. As a professional and spiritual advisor, she continues to coach individuals of all backgrounds on establishing a corporate standard for their life/work. A native Bostonian, Nikki currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband Peter.


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