Living in Fear
Alec Pangia

Few people know where to find The Meridian, but it's close, hidden in plain sight, in the seedy underbelly of American society. It is the twisted world of The Meridian Killers—men and women with extraordinary gifts—where only the strongest survive. Here the powerful prey on the unsuspecting, building monuments to their egos and gorging themselves on all the world has to offer. The Meridian is a haunt for people like Justin Barker. In New Heim, he was exceptional. Here, he is one of many. And the many will stop at nothing to see him captured or killed. But what does that mean for his prisoner, Melanie Grier? Melanie's would-be rescuers are running out of time. They have all crossed Barker before, and he's hellbent on reprisal. Can they save Melanie before it's too late, or will the cruel Meridian swallow them all?

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Supernatural Thriller


Alec Pangia has been imagining and re-enacting stories in his mind ever since he was a little boy. Cartoons or superhero movies, the occasional book and video games were sources of inspiration. In high school he wrote his first manuscript and realized he could one day be an author. With a degree in literature, he's trained for exactly that. Alec's first book, "Barker's Rules" dives deep into the world of a serial killer with preternatural abilities. Coming to book sellers everywhere in 2017.

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