The Adventures of Queen Bee
Madison Rayne aka The Queen Bee

Madison Rayne reigns supreme as the benevolent queen of the land of Thaumaturgic. The Queen Bee rules with the aid of her trusted advisor, Diamond Heavy and a formidable army trained by her fiercest warrior, Owl Snow. Her enemies cower under the spell of her enchanted royal scepter, but a challenger with powers of her own has her eye on the throne. In a battle fit for a queen, The Queen Bee, Madison Rayne must fight to keep the throne and save her kingdom.

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Young Adult, Fantasy


5x Knockouts Champion and 2x Knockouts Tag Team Champion are just two in a long list of regal accomplishments for legendary pro wrestler Madison Rayne, aka The Queen Bee. Her first book,"The Adventures of Queen Bee," The Queen teams up with Impact Wrestling's Josh Mathews and DC Comics' Mark Poulton for a royal tour de force that's sure to become a fan favorite.


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