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Broken Pieces 'N Rare Pearls (HC)

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UPC: 9781732387003

You won't truly be a boss if you can't take a punch.

Not a slight-to-moderate hit that barely alters your stance. No, to be a boss, you have to be able to take a gut check that knocks the wind out of you—a belt so hard that your body sends a “system failure” message and you think that you just might not be able to recover.

Grieving requires opening up your closet for all the world to see. The more you are able to expose, the greater the punch. It’s only when we are no longer afraid of owning our “stuff” that we can grow, move on, and let someone else learn from what we no longer wear.

I wrote this book during a grieving season in my life so that someone else might understand that even bosses grieve; but then they get up, change their clothes and take on the next assignment of The King.

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