'Twas the Hunt Before Christmas (HC)

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‘Twas the Hunt Before Christmas, and it wasn’t just any. Hunter Marty takes his son on what he hopes will be a memorable outing on Christmas Eve.

After a long, cold stint in a tree stand that leaves him snoring and left to hunt alone by his son, Marty wakes up and spots his prize. In a sharp-witted take on a couple of Christmas classics, seasoned hunter and dad Marty Hecker isn’t about to go home empty handed but full of stories about the one that got away!

Come along for the fun on a comical winter’s night that doesn’t go quite as planned … and ends with a secret Marty’s glad Santa kept all these years.

Written in rhyme by Marty Hecker and delightfully illustrated by DC Comics and Arcana Studios artist Mark Poulton, ‘Twas the Hunt Before Christmas has the makings of a campy new family favorite.

Avid hunter and sportsman Marty Hecker helps families develop an appreciation of the shooting sports as a source of safe family fun from generation to generation. To help teach the safe handling of firearms for all ages, ‘Twas the Hunt Before Christmas includes a removable mini-poster listing three important rules of gun safety.

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