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DESTROY Digital Media Platform (Paperback)

How Competitive Streaming™ Levels The Playing Field For Creatives
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Insightful. Eye Opening. Life Changing.

You take your shot at success and fame. You tell anyone who will listen, “Hey, check me out! I’m on Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube!” Finally, you’re validated. You’re at the table with the big kids — Right? WRONG.


Music industry insider Christopher Grant Sr. introduces UnderRepresented Creatives to the groundbreaking concept of Competitive Streaming™ and DESTROYs the idea that creatives must rely on traditional digital media platforms for discovery. He levels the playing field for URCs, as he calls them, to achieve success — regardless of fame, connections, or net worth.

“I’m not here to bash traditional digital media platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc. But I know what they’re good at and what they’re not good at. Unfortunately, one thing they’re not good at is making you a star.” —CGrantSr.

Christopher Grant, Sr. has nearly 20 years of successful experience in the entertainment industry. As founder and CEO of upstart media company SEVENHORNS, host of the DESTROY Podcast, and founder of TraxBox, Inc., Chris believes in the power of multimedia to impact society for good. One of his lifelong pursuits has been to create and deliver culturally relevant content that challenges the human condition.

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