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Creatives no longer need deals with major companies, or brick-and-mortar retailers to share their creativity with the world. They increasingly are turning to digital media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and countless others to showcase their creativity and try to make a name for themselves among “A-listers.” 


Many Digital retailers will sell or stream anyone’s work online in the same stores as the stars. Take your shot at success and fame. Tell your friends, family, and anyone who will listen, “Hey, check me out! I’m on Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube!” Finally, you’re validated. You’re at the table with the big kids—Right? WRONG.


Your Content Everywhere Gets you Nowhere... 


By introducing underrepresented creatives, or who he likes to call “URCs” to the groundbreaking concept of Competitive Streaming™, marketing and music industry insider Christopher Grant Sr. DESTROYs the idea that creatives must rely on traditional digital media platforms for discovery and levels the playing field for them to achieve success—regardless of fame, connections, or net worth. Grant DESTROYs commonly held myths about digital media platforms and what they do for URCs.



by: Christopher Grant Sr.