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Christina L. Daly

Christina Leigh Daly is an art educator who loves sharing her passion for art with those around her. In the classroom, she challenges her students to constantly expand their imaginations and tap into their creativity. She strives to inspire her students to be adventurous in their work, to be good art observers, and to build the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for art. Christina has an interest in all facets of art and enjoys trying new techniques and methods for expressing creativity from crafting to woodworking, to painting, photography and more. Christina is also equally involved in music. As a singer, she loves many genres and enjoys attending concerts with her husband. Christina lives in New Jersey with her husband and beautiful baby girl. She values her family most of all!

Eric Maher aka Eddie Edwards

Eric Maher grew up the middle child of three boys outside of Boston. A fan of professional wrestling as a young child, it wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school that his passion for the business really took off. From training with the legendary Killer Kowalski to following in the footsteps of his heroes by living and training in a Japanese dojo, Eric believes with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. As superstar pro wrestler Eddie Edwards, he is a three-time world champion and the only man in history to win the IMPACT, RING OF HONOR, and GHC World Heavyweight Championships.

P. C. Grant

As kids, my brother and I created stories about beings from fantastical worlds with extraordinary powers. For us, running around the house was time traveling at light speed from one dimension to another. Our made up stories were spontaneous and ongoing, like a cosmic soap opera. I was captivated by the idea that our youthful desire to create stories might be motivated by something or someone beyond ourselves. Like a super AUTHOR who compelled not just our stories, but maybe every tale ever told.​​​

Jenn Hecker

Jenn Hecker is an entrepreneur, homeschool mom, and former teacher whose love for writing emerged while blogging about life after bariatric surgery. In her first book, "Unmasked, Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World," Jenn reveals the roots of her own self-sabotage and shares how she's begun to expose the person of worth hiding beneath masks of insecurity and low self-esteem. Her book offers practical advice for becoming the very best version of you, no matter what the scale says.

Marty Hecker

Avid hunter and firearms sportsman Marty Hecker helps families develop an appreciation for the shooting sports as a source of safe family fun from generation to generation. Marty has two boys and has taught them from early on to safely enjoy sport-shooting and hunting. While out on a cold Christmas Eve during his eldest son's first hunting season they were joking around changing the words to "Twas the Night Before Christmas, and his first book was born. Marty hopes people enjoy the story as much as he enjoyed creating it and that it will be a source of laughter, enjoyment, and education for families for years to come.

Felice Herrig aka Lil Bulldog

For Felice Herrig, growing up through tough times and family tragedy stalled her dream of competing in high school sports. When she graduated, no one thought women belonged in boxing or kickboxing. But Felice, nicknamed Lil Bulldog, set out to prove everyone wrong. A world class kick boxer, Muay Thai fighter, and mixed martial artist, Herrig has earned multiple amateur and professional titles in more than 30 boxing and kickboxing matches. She’s paved the way for women to compete and be recognized on shows like Fight Girls, Chuck Norris’s World Combat League, Ultimate Fighter 20, and American Ninja Warrior. And she blazed a trail for female fighters as one of the first strawweights signed to the UFC. With the same super tenacious, always moving forward, pushing the pace style that makes her a fierce competitor in three fighting sports, Felice Herrig shows young fans that in the octagon and in life, sweet victory follows on the heels of a positive attitude and dogged determination.

KM & Fallah Bahh

Veteran pro wrestlers KM & Fallah Bahh have been friends in and out of the ring for more than a decade. Teaming up to create fun stories and books is the next exciting chapter in their journey of friendship, as well as a side of the sumo duo that fans will love.

Lea Landolfi & Dr. Neil Boumpani

Lea Landolfi has taught elementary general music and choir for over twenty years in both the Diocese of Trenton Parochial School System and the Hamilton Township Public School System located in New Jersey. A Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society graduate of The College of New Jersey, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Instrumental and Vocal Conducting and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education.

Tara F. Mozee

Tara F. Mozee is a kindergarten teacher who loves to tell stories that help little people build self-confidence and skills for navigating the big world. Along with a master of education degree in curriculum and instruction, Tara possesses the ability to inspire and motivate students to take the first steps on the journey to becoming lifelong learners. A practical person, Tara also enjoys expressing her creative side through art, music, and fashion. She lives to repurpose thrift-shop treasures and dreams of designing an entire line of handbags specifically for teachers and working moms.

Biff Price

Biff Price's tapestry of life experiences has uniquely colored his foray into a writing career. He's been an English teacher, newspaper columnist, and editor. He's worked in construction and manhandled drums of antifreeze and motor oil for a living; he understands the value of hard, backbreaking work. Price is an American writer who knows what it's like to get up early in the morning, put in a full day, and go to bed tired, just like millions of Americans do every day. He's also navigated the hallowed halls of academia, having taught writing skills to graduate students for more than 15 years. ​ Biff Price and his wife live on an island where smart phones, tablets, and the ever-evolving landscape of electronic devices unite them with millions of people who still like to read good books.

Madison Rayne aka The Queen Bee

5x Knockouts Champion and 2x Knockouts Tag Team Champion are just two in a long list of regal accomplishments for legendary pro wrestler Madison Rayne, aka The Queen Bee. Her first book,"The Adventures of Queen Bee," The Queen teams up with Impact Wrestling's Josh Mathews and DC Comics' Mark Poulton for a royal tour de force that's sure to become a fan favorite.

Michele Solomon

Michele Solomon will always be remembered for being a loving mother. She stayed at home to raise her sons, and knowing the impact books had on their imaginations, she created a short story about a lovable horse named Hardy who wore eyeglasses. After overcoming battles with leukemia and breast cancer, she enrolled in a creative writing course at a local community college and began the journey of bringing the story of Hardy and his friends to life. Michele would have been proud to see her story published, and while her sons are her lasting legacy in this world, The Adventure of Hardy the Horse is now part of her legacy, too. May this sweet little story bring as much joy to you and your family as it did Michele and hers.

James Cox aka Cowboy James Storm

Cowboy James Storm was born and raised in Tennessee. He loves to hunt, fish, and take long walks around a pond. Following his mom’s advice to work hard and make your own luck, James has always been a winner. In high school, he won the state’s wrestling title as an amateur. He won a scholarship to play basketball for Austin Peay State University. James also enjoys acting and stars in two films set for release in 2020. As a world renowned champion pro wrestler and TNA Original, Cowboy James Storm reigned as both TNA World Heavyweight Champion and TNA King of the Mountain Champion, in addition to winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship a record 7X and the NWA World Tag Team Championship a record 8X. Storm now adds children’s author to his long list of accomplishments with a make your own story picture book, fittingly titled, “Cowboy James Storm, Make Your Own Luck!”

Nikki Townes

Nikki Townes has invested 20 years in the executive search industry. In her later role as an HR business strategy partner, she advised C-suite professionals nationally on career-defining decisions. As a professional and spiritual advisor, she continues to coach individuals of all backgrounds on establishing a corporate standard for their life/work. A native Bostonian, Nikki currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband Peter.

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