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Felice Herrig aka Lil Bulldog
Tara F Mozee
Felice Herrig aka Lil Bulldog

For Felice Herrig, growing up through tough times and family tragedy stalled her dream of competing in high school sports. When she graduated, no one thought women belonged in boxing or kickboxing. But Felice, nicknamed Lil Bulldog, set out to prove everyone wrong. A world class kick boxer, Muay Thai fighter, and mixed martial artist, Herrig has earned multiple amateur and professional titles in more than 30 boxing and kickboxing matches. She’s paved the way for women to compete and be recognized on shows like Fight Girls, Chuck Norris’s World Combat League, Ultimate Fighter 20, and American Ninja Warrior. And she blazed a trail for female fighters as one of the first strawweights signed to the UFC. With the same super tenacious, always moving forward, pushing the pace style that makes her a fierce competitor in three fighting sports, Felice Herrig shows young fans that in the octagon and in life, sweet victory follows on the heels of a positive attitude and dogged determination.

Tara F Mozee

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Lil Bulldog: Lemons into Lemonade

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