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Gracie's New Class
Tara F. Mozee

Gracie isn't excited about the first day of school in her new class. In fact, she'd rather stay in her old class, with her old friends. Will Ms. Brown's challenge and a surprise new friend change Gracie's mind?

In her second Gracie story, author, teacher, and mom Tara F. Mozee uses the story of how strong-willed Gracie adjusts to a new classroom to share insightful strategies for helping young students succeed in new situations. Through a relatable and engaging story, Mrs. Mozee shows how setting goals and focusing on achieving them can help little ones develop confidence and overcome fears about going back to school and making new friends.



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Tara F. Mozee is a first grade teacher who loves to tell stories that help little people build self-confidence and skills for navigating the big world. Along with a master of education degree in curriculum and instruction, Tara possesses the ability to inspire and motivate students to take the first steps on the journey to becoming lifelong learners. A practical person, Tara also enjoys expressing her creative side through art, music, and fashion. She lives to repurpose thrift-shop treasures and dreams of designing an entire line of handbags specifically for teachers and working moms.



Shana Dixon is an award winning filmmaker and background artist for whom animation went from hobby to lifestyle when she realized her stories could whisk people to another place; make them feel big, like they can go anywhere and do anything. Shana creates art that is centered in black culture and people. Her goal in the animation industry is to uplift children and adults alike, from all different backgrounds, inspire them to be proud of who they are and acquire love and appreciation for those who are different from themselves. She aspires to make people feel more connected, more visible, and more loved through animation.

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