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Henry the Green Zebra-Pig
Christina L. Daly

Henry is no ordinary pig, he’s a green zebra-pig! Henry is excited to meet all the animals at his new home, but what will they think of this odd-looking newcomer to the farm? How will he fit in when his stripes make him stand out from the crowd? Henry proves being unique is awesome with his example of tolerance, bravery, and a daring decision to embrace being different!



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Christina Leigh Daly is an art educator who loves sharing her passion for art with those around her. In the classroom, she challenges her students to constantly expand their imaginations and tap into their creativity. She strives to inspire her students to be adventurous in their work, to be good art observers, and to build the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for art. Christina has an interest in all facets of art and enjoys trying new techniques and methods for expressing creativity from crafting to woodworking, to painting, photography and more. Christina is also equally involved in music. As a singer, she loves many genres and enjoys attending concerts with her husband. Christina lives in New Jersey with her husband and beautiful baby girl. She values her family most of all!



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