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Priceless Words
Biff Price

Biff Price takes you to places where the impossible becomes real, where good meets evil, and where the separation between this world and the next is thinnest. In Priceless Words, Price spins tales of triumph in the face of immense adversity and journeys of love, fear, death, and hope that change lives forever.



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Short Stories


Biff Price's tapestry of life experiences has uniquely colored his foray into a writing career. He's been an English teacher, newspaper columnist, and editor. He's worked in construction and manhandled drums of antifreeze and motor oil for a living; he understands the value of hard, backbreaking work. Price is an American writer who knows what it's like to get up early in the morning, put in a full day, and go to bed tired, just like millions of Americans do every day. He's also navigated the hallowed halls of academia, having taught writing skills to graduate students for more than 15 years. ​ Biff Price and his wife live on an island where smart phones, tablets, and the ever-evolving landscape of electronic devices unite them with millions of people who still like to read good books.



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