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The Adventure of Hardy the Horse
Michele Solomon

Hardy is a horse with poor eyesight that spends his days on the farm. He knows he’s not supposed to leave without Farmer Joe, but when a neighbor leaves the front gate open, Hardy's curiosity gets the better of him! But his happy adventure soon takes a terrible turn, and Hardy wonders how he’ll ever get back to the farm. Follow Hardy as he encounters friends, old and new, on his quest to return to Farmer Joe’s. In this delightfully sweet tale, Cindy and Mindy Chicken, Bessie the Cow, Randy Rabbit and Ollie Owl all help Hardy see that there truly is no place like home.



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Michele Solomon was a loving mother who stayed at home to raise her sons, and knowing the impact books had on their imaginations, she created a short story about a lovable horse named Hardy who wore eyeglasses. After overcoming battles with leukemia and breast cancer, she enrolled in a creative writing course at a local community college and began the journey of bringing the story of Hardy and his friends to life. Michele would have been proud to see her story published, and while her sons are her lasting legacy in this world, The Adventure of Hardy the Horse is now part of her legacy, too. May this sweet little story bring as much joy to you and your family as it did Michele and hers.



Mark Poulton is a freelance comic book writer/children’s book author who most recently worked on Savage Hawkman for DC Comics and Avengelyne for Image Comics. His children’s book, A Cat Named Haiku, was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards, and was selected to be part of the TogetheRead Program by His Arcana Studio’s series Koni Waves is in development for television. He currently lives in Lindenwold, NJ with his wife Chrissy and son, Chase. In his spare time, he hosts the popular comics’ podcast, Talking About Our Issues.

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