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S. A. Manwiller
Tara F Mozee
S. A. Manwiller

Scot Manwiller, aka S.A. Manwiller, lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Kristin, their three children, Jack, twin baby girls Eva and Gianna, their dog Max, and Sophie the cat. Scot grew up in a musical family and always loved to draw. One day after he drew a picture of Jack and Max his wife suggested he write a cute little story to go along with the drawing to help Jack learn to read. A big fan of Dr. Suess, Scot came up with a little rhyming song to introduce the characters. Before long, he had also drawn a picture for almost every line and a book was born! Scot’s inspiration for Jack and Max adventure stories comes from lots of places including friends, real events and a fun imagination, but all are based on fun, love and learning! Grow along with Jack and Max on their adventures in this rhyme and repetition story for beginning readers!

Tara F Mozee

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The Truliest Meaning of Christmas

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The Adventures of Jack & Max

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