Rose and Violet, The Noisy Little Neighbors (HC)

Timely and delightful peek into life at home every family can relate to!
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Rose and Violet Flowers are two fun-loving little girls whose imaginations blossom into worlds of fun and fancy in the apartment where they live. They sing, and dance, and laugh, and play… and make LOTS of NOISE. Another fun day at home with Mom quickly starts to wilt when, with a bang on the door, Rose and Violet’s nettled next-door neighbor insists they quiet down, or else! Will their grumpy old neighbor lose her cool, or will Rose and Violet win her over?

Busy wife and mom Lexi Cherry makes her author debut with Rose and Violet, The Noisy Little Neighbors, a peek into the lives of stay-at-home parents everywhere. This delightful story is more relevant today than ever as families learn to navigate life spent more often at home.

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