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by: Christopher Grant Sr.

DEST_PBK_7Horns Publishing Curated book publishing
CSLOGO_SEVENHORNS Publishing Curated book publishing

How Competitive Streaming™ Levels The Playing Field For Creatives

Insightful. Eye Opening. Life Changing. 


I’d like to invite you to review my forthcoming book, “DESTROY Digital Media Platforms — How Competitive Streaming™ Levels the Playing Field for Creatives.” It’s set to release March 31, 2022 and is published by Sevenhorns Publishing.


In the book I reveal how today’s digital media platforms do little to help UnderRepresented Creatives (URCs) grow their brand beyond friends and family. I also explain why making their content available everywhere gets URCs nowhere. 


As a solution, I present a concept I developed called Competitive Streaming™, which has the potential to level the playing field for creatives across industries including music, tv/film, books, and more—while revolutionizing the way we consume digital media. 

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Click the links below to download a complimentary .pdf copy to read at your convenience or listen to the audiobook. 



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DEST_PBK_SEVENHORNS Publishing Curated book publishing

Educators and Industry Leaders:

It’s time for a paradigm shift in the world of creatives.

DESTROY Digital Media Platforms is an excellent resource for challenging students and teams to stretch their thinking beyond the status quo regarding technology and its role in the success or failure of UnderRepresented Creatives (URCs) to achieve success. 


Use the button below to purchase the book in bulk at a discount for your students or teams.

Add— Thank you for your time and feedback. Enjoy the book!

What People are Saying...

“I can honestly say there is a lot in these 85 pages that keep me nodding and thinking "Oh, yeah, he gets it. He nails it!"

——— This book is a must-have for creators on all social media platforms.”


Carol Kean

novelist /book reviewer for Perihelion Science Fiction, NetGalley and AmazonVine


“It explains, in layman’s terms, how lopsided the payout is today, favoring the gatekeepers in the music industry, and offers compelling answers to how change is possible.”

Bud Grimmie

Founder and CEO of the Christina Grimme Foundation

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What People are Saying...
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